Overcoming Dental Phobia

Overcoming Dental Phobia

Overcoming Dental Phobia

Suffering from dental anxiety? You’re not alone! Over 80% of Americans suffer from some level of dental anxiety. It’s a challenge we work with clients to overcome, helping to change their perception of dental visits with a variety of techniques. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top tips for overcoming your pre-check up anxiety. 

Use relaxation techniques

When preparing for your appointment, it’s important to get into the right mindset. Many people have found it helpful to employ some breathing techniques, stretching exercises, and even meditation. If you suffer from extreme anxiety, you can even call your dentist up and ask what type of sedation techniques they can offer you to relax. Most offices will use nitrous oxide (laughing gas), or sedative medications to keep your anxiety to a minimum. Keep in mind you may need to have someone pick you up from your appointment if these techniques are used.

Bring a friend

Depending on your dental office’s current COVID-19 precautions, bringing a friend is a simple way to relieve some of your anxiety. Whether they just wait in the lobby or accompany you back to the room, having a familiar face with you can help you feel safer and more relaxed during the appointment. 

Arrive early

There is nothing worse than rushing to get somewhere. It can cause extra, unnecessary stress to your appointment. Be sure to arrive early with plenty of time so you can employ some of the relaxation techniques in the lobby if necessary, and ask plenty of questions to help ease any fears.

Let your dentist know

While it is unfortunate that it is so common, one of the benefits of dental anxiety being so common is that it means your dentist has plenty of experience dealing with it! Don’t keep your fears to yourself — be transparent with your dentist so they can give you the personalized care and attention you deserve during your visit. 

What are some tips you’ve employed to ease dental anxiety?