Meet Dr. Krengel

Meet Dr. Krengel

Meet Dr. Krengel

All of our dental professionals are crucial members of our team here at Krengel Dental. At each of your appointments, you’ll get to see firsthand how kind, friendly, and passionate each of them are about delivering excellent dental care and teaching you how you can optimize your oral health. 

Each one of our staff members has something unique and special that they contribute to our practice. That’s why we’re going to spend the next few weeks highlighting each dental professional, so you can learn more about them and their experience. First up? Dr. Roy Krengel!

About Dr. Krengel 

Dr. Krengel completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas in Lawrence and obtained his D.D.S from the University of Minnesota. When it came to opening Krengel Dental, Dr. Krengel seized the opportunity right after graduating! According to Dr. Krengel, he was introduced to a retiring dentist by one of his former classmates, the two of them hit it off and the rest is history! 

We asked Dr. Krengel to answer some questions about his job, and here’s what he had to say:

  1. What is your favorite part about your job?  

The people. My team is like my second family, and getting to spend every day with them is a dream! Also, my patients are so special! Being able to connect with them on a daily basis is why I keep coming back.

  1. What advice do you have for anyone looking to enter the field? 

The field of Dentistry is wide open! There are so many innovations and technologies associated with the field.  No doubt you can have a huge impact in your community and in the world by getting into Dentistry.

  1. What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

 Transforming a patients’ fear of coming to the dentist. Most people have a clear aversion to dental visits. In fact, many patients avoid coming to the dentist at all. When we hear stories of past traumatic experiences, it breaks our heart. At KD, we focus on slowly replacing the bad experiences with good ones! That’s rewarding!

  1. Tell us about one of your favorite patient experiences – what did it involve, what made it so special?  

One of my favorite patient experiences involved a full smile transformation.  This patient was referred to us by a family member. He would not crack a smile, and was very shy about opening his mouth. Since he hadn’t been into a dental office in years, he did not know what to expect. After long consultations, involving 3D scans and CBCT images, we decided to remove his remaining teeth and rebuild his smile with implants. Over the next 6 months we worked towards a full mouth reconstruction and now he can’t stop smiling and laughing!

  1. What inspired you to start Krengel Dental? 

I grew up in the dental chair getting fillings, crowns and root canals….all before age 18!! I had traumatic experiences, and so I wanted to create a dental office with more fun and good energy. That way more people would actually enjoy going to the dentist!

Stay tuned to see who we feature next!