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6 Common Dental Misconceptions

6 Common Dental Misconceptions

6 Common Dental Misconceptions

The internet serves as a hub for information regarding dental care and tips. Unfortunately, much of the knowledge gained can be misleading and potentially harmful. Dental advancements happen every day and this changing atmosphere leads to messages being misconstrued. Set the record straight and decipher fact from fiction by reading below.

Misconception 1: “Dental health doesn’t affect my overall health”

Your oral and overall health are related. Poor oral hygiene increases risk for disease in other parts of the body because bacteria travels via blood flow. Individuals with moderate to advanced gum disease can develop heart disease causing further damage. 

Read more about the impact your oral health has on your physical health here.

Misconception 2: “I can wait to see the dentist until it’s an emergency”

Issues can easily become emergencies without regular dental hygiene appointments. Prevention is key, so keep up with your oral health visits to prevent any issues from occurring down the line.

Misconception 3: “Sugar-Free Pops are Better for My Teeth”

Just because your beverage is sugar-free doesn’t mean that no harm is done to your oral health. While excessive sugar consumption can contribute to cavities, it is not the only thing. Sugar-free pops contain acids that when combined with the bacteria in your mouth, cause plaque buildup. 

Misconception 4: “Brushing Harder Cleans Better”

The firmer you brush, the more trauma tooth enamel and tissue endure. Other problems such as gum erosion can result from harsh brushing practices. Utilize gentle brushing pressure twice daily

Misconception 5: “Gum Disease is Not Very Common”

Gum disease is widespread. Up to 52 percent of people over age 30 have gum disease, according to a study performed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As you age, naturally you become more likely to experience gum and tissue infections. 

Misconception 6: “Chewing Gum Works like Brushing”

Nothing can replace brushing your teeth including chewing gum or oil pulling. Chewing gum may promote better breath and cleaner teeth, however it still does not clean your mouth in the same way that brushing does. 

Questions and concerns regarding your oral health should always be discussed with your dental provider. Keep up with your routine dental visits and remember to practice proper brushing!