Food For Thought: Nutritious Choices That Whiten Your Smile

We get lots of questions at Krengel Dental about the best ways to make your smile shine bright. There?s truth in what they say?you are what you eat?and certain foods do more favors for your smile than others. While we often talk about the foods to avoid that stain your teeth, here are seven smile-friendly […]

Caring For Your Teeth During Sick Season

It?s that time of year when everyone is feeling under the weather.  While we try to avoid even talking about the common cold, nasty stomach bugs and flu symptoms, it?s important to be prepared for when they strike. The best way to fight sickness head on is to take the best care of your body?and […]

Let?s Talk About Your Technique: Tips to improve your brushing:

Brushing. It?s often times one of the first things we do after waking up and before going to bed. It?s easy to fall into the habit of mindlessly doing our dental routine, but to make it really count, it?s never a bad time to talk brushing technique. Here are three easy tips to improve your […]

Bubble Trouble: Are non-sugary carbonated drinks bad for your teeth?

In the age of La Croix enthusiasts and Perrier fans, there is a lot of debate around whether or not the bubbly drinks we substitute for water are good for our teeth.  Since this question has been floating in and out of the Krengel Dental office, we decided to share our opinion fair and square. […]

Five Easy New Year?s Resolutions For Your Smile

A new year means a new set of resolutions. To kick off 2018 with a smile, you may consider adopting one of these three reasonable resolutions to easily improve your dental hygiene.  1. Make Brushing Count Brushing twice a day goes a very long way when it comes to your overall health. Not only does […]