Dental Emergencies: Chipped Tooth

chipped tooth

It happens more often than you think – you’re crunching away on a something and notice something unusual in your mouth. While the enamel that covers your teeth is extremely tough, it can get weak overtime, causing a tooth to chip. This is also common if your tooth already has some decay, you experience a […]

Dental Emergencies: Crown Falls Out

chipped tooth

While dental crowns are built to last, it doesn’t mean they cannot fall out or be pulled out prematurely. This is especially true if you enjoy sticky foods like taffy or caramel. While a crown usually falls out due to adhesive failing, it can also occur if there is any enamel decay underneath the crown. […]

Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

pregnant woman at dentist

Being pregnant comes with a lot of lifestyle changes and your dental hygiene is one of them! While all mothers expect their bodies to change drastically throughout the nine months, few consider the impact pregnancy has on their teeth. That is why it is so important to uphold proper dental hygiene, such as brushing twice […]

Dental Emergencies: Tooth Knocked Out


Dental emergencies come in many different forms, some more urgent than others, and are never expected. One of the most common dental emergencies we see at our practice is a tooth being knocked out. When this happens, your next steps and the timeliness of each one is crucial to saving your tooth and the overall […]

Give Your Sensitive Teeth Some TLC

Those with sensitive teeth know the feeling: that sharp pain when you take a bite of your favorite food and drink something cold. Tooth sensitivity can be caused by a variety of things. Most often, it’s the result of worn tooth enamel or exposed roots. Sometimes cavities, a chipped tooth, or gum disease can cause […]

Gingivitis: What You Should Know

Gingivitis is one of the most common periodontal diseases, often occurring due to an accumulation of plaque on one’s teeth. While gingivitis is a non-destructive periodontal disease, over time, when left untreated it can eventually lead to significant damage and even tooth loss. Thankfully, gingivitis can often be solved with good oral hygiene, from longer […]

Choosing the Right Toothbrush

Dental Teeth and Toothbrus

How many times have you walked down the dental care aisle at your local store and become completely overwhelmed by all of the toothbrush options out there? Don’t worry — you’re not alone! There’s soft bristle, medium bristle, hard bristle, electric toothbrushes, charcoal-infused toothbrushes, off-brand — these are just a few of the countless options […]

Botox: More than Meets the Eye

Did you know that we offer facial rejuvenation services? That’s right! Krengel Dental has certified practitioners for both Botox and Juvederm right on site. Botox is a popular, non-invasive procedure for reducing wrinkles caused by consistent muscle contractions. These wrinkles can include forehead lines, frown lines, and crows feet. But did you know that Botox […]

Braces VS. Invisalign: Which One is for You?

These days, patients have options when it comes to teeth straightening! Traditional braces are always available, in addition to a newer technology called Invisalign. Which system is best for your dental needs? Let’s walk through the differences between the two and find out! What They Are Made Of? Traditional braces are made out of metal […]

Signs You’re Brushing too Hard

Here’s something that you probably never thought you would hear from a dentist — it is possible to brush your teeth too much and too hard. Yes, that old saying that there can be too much of a good thing is unfortunately true, even when it comes to dental care. While you may think that […]