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Dr. Roy Krengel

As a young kid, Dr. Roy Krengel always knew he wanted to work in healthcare. Growing up he didn’t have the best teeth and got to know his family dentist well. He remembers not shying away from the dental office. He enjoyed math and science and when dentistry was recommended as a career choice, he liked what he saw. Every dentist he spoke to was happy and smiling.

Dr. Krengel completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas in Lawrence and obtained his D.D.S. from the University of Minnesota. He then jumped at the opportunity to take over this dental practice because it gave him the ability to create the kind of health-oriented, family-oriented practice that combined the best of the dental experiences he had growing up with the latest healthcare practices and technology right out of dental school in 2009.

Dr. K has an affinity for surgery and implant-related procedures. His favorite procedure is termed Full Arch Conversion Surgery which takes patients from an unrestorable dentition to an implant retained prosthesis in one day!

He says, “I would tell anyone wanting to work in dentistry that it is an amazing field where you can utilize your artistic skills with science. You can make a huge impact on peoples’ lives, and feel like you are part of their family.”

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Dr. Krengel now lives in Minnetonka with his wife and three kids.

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