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Dental Cleaning and X-Rays

Routine dental cleaning and X-rays are essential components of optimal dental health. Routine cleanings allow us to remove built-up plaque from your teeth, improving enamel retention and lowering your risk of oral health problems. And both cleaning and X-rays are essential in diagnosing tooth decay and other adverse health conditions.

In our many years of experience, diagnosing health issues is simpler when our patients attend regular checkups, and we have access to X-rays as needed. It’s the best way to diagnose unseen issues and prevent problems from worsening.

Why X-Rays Are Important

There are two types of X-rays dentists use to take stock of the teeth and jaw and enhance oral care: 

  • Intraoral. We use intraoral X-rays to evaluate the crowns and roots of the teeth. It checks for bone health, tooth decay, and the condition of the teeth. 
  • Extraoral. The extraoral X-ray allows our dentists to see a panoramic view of your teeth and check their position. It can also display the entire head to show how the teeth, jaws, and base of the skull align.


The University of Michigan finds that the effects of radiation produced by X-rays are minor. Although the university’s sources seem to support the idea that adverse effects from dental radiation are negligible, we only use X-rays when necessary. They’re incredibly useful in the right context, including where we need to treat a dental problem before it gets worse.

If we suspect problems such as periodontal disease, abnormalities, or tooth infection, X-rays become essential in helping our team create a suitable treatment plan for you. 

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The Benefits of Routine Dental Cleanings 

Both dental cleaning and X-rays aid oral health and prevent issues such as gum disease and tooth decay. 

What other benefits do regular dental exams provide? They allow our dentists to check on your oral health while we work. 

As you get older, tooth enamel will naturally wear away, making you more prone to cavities or infection. As we perform routine cleanings and exams, we will check for these problems. We may also recommend preventive treatments. 

The Process Our Dental Patients Can Expect

During routine appointments, we perform dental cleanings and, if necessary, dental X-rays. Our dental hygienist will start by cleaning your teeth of plaque and tartar using specialized tools. Our team has extensive training in cleaning sensitive teeth and with patients who may feel nervous around dentists.

When performing routine cleanings, we will create dental plans specific to each case to ensure that we can treat each patient according to their needs. After our hygienists finish your cleaning and a fluoride application, our dentists will assess your teeth to make sure they look healthy. If we notice problems, we will suggest possible treatment options and come up with a plan together. 

Preventive Dental Care by Licensed Professionals in Bloomington and St. Louis Park, MN

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