St Louis Park and Bloomington Teeth Whitening

Krengel Dental is proud to be a reliable provider of professional teeth whitening for clients of all ages in St. Louis Park and the surrounding areas in Minnesota. Our hygienists and clinicians can remove long-standing surface stains on teeth that the active ingredient in over-the-counter products cannot touch.

Tooth stains come in all shades and varieties. Our dentists can typically eliminate them, and often show our patients visible results in as fast as two sessions. So, whether you have surface stains from smoking, tannin-saturated foods, or color-rich fruit juices, we can return your teeth to their original shine.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Professional whitening is a far cry from the sponsored amateur tutorials online. These video ads often deliver anecdote-based results, and may even endorse methods or ingredients that could harm your teeth and gums. 

Professional dentists classify tooth stains into two categories that decide the best course of treatment:

  • Intrinsic stains appear from early childhood, often before any adult teeth erupt from a patient’s gums. Genetic factors, consistent overexposure to fluoride, and antibiotic use remain the most common causes.
  • Extrinsic stains are blemishes or discoloration from dietary habits. Foods with high levels of artificial colorings, coffee and tea, vaping, and smoking contribute to extrinsic staining.

It is nearly impossible to remove intrinsic staining without an in-office treatment, as over-the-counter products cannot penetrate the enamel of the teeth and reach the dentin. Intrinsic stains can affect one or two teeth or entire sections of your mouth. Cosmetic dentistry might use peroxide treatments (with up to 43% carbamide content), mouth trays, or porcelain veneers to eliminate these stains without causing sensitive teeth.

Krengel Dental treats extrinsic stains with non-abrasive CDA-approved surface whiteners. For example, we might recommend professional-grade whitening gels or peroxide-based compounds with 15% to 22% carbamide content. Darker stains from a lifetime of coffee drinking or smoking might require stronger bleaching agents to remove.

The Benefits of Getting a Whitening Treatment for Teeth

Whitening is among the most sought-after dental treatments because of its painlessness, ease of delivery, and cost-efficiency. Teeth-whitening treatments offer two great benefits:

  • Smile. An attractive smile massively boosts self-confidence, allowing our clients to deliver presentations, make friends, and date without worrying about tooth stains.
  • Sparkle. Professional tooth whitening erases decades of stains from tea, coffee, and soda consumption without causing tooth sensitivity.

Sparkling Healthy Teeth for Everyone in St. Louis Park

What should you expect when you book a teeth-whitening procedure with Krengel Dental? Our dental hygienists will take careful note of your current shade before polishing your teeth with pumice. We might also use barriers to shield your lips, tongue, gums, and cheeks from the effects of the whitening solution.

The procedure involves applying and reapplying these bleach-based or peroxide-based compounds over an hour or so. Our dentists will then schedule follow-up sessions to help your teeth reach your desired shade faster.

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