St Louis Park and Bloomington Dental Crowns

The dentists and licensed clinicians at Krengel Dental carry decades of combined experience. Part of our offering includes top-quality dental crowns for patients of all ages in St. Louis Park and the surrounding communities. 

Crowns and other dental implant options have a broad range of cosmetic and medical benefits, with recent advances in manufacturing even allowing them to mimic the effect natural teeth have on your bite. We recommend these options to patients who recently had a root canal, as they prevent food particles from intruding on the vacant gum space left by worn-down or extracted teeth. So, whether you want a single temporary crown, permanent metal crowns to restore more than one tooth, or a flashy zirconia dental implant, we can help.

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

Crowns allow dentists to protect the inner layers of your tooth with a protective outer cap. When you come in for a treatment, our team will remove the damaged crowns of your natural teeth and create molds of the reshaped bones. We will then send your mold to a technician to create a personalized model that matches the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth. 

If we’re replacing multiple crowns, we might offer a few temporary ones while we finish off your permanent ones. When your customized crowns are ready, we will place them on top of your reshaped teeth. We use a food-grade adhesive or dental cement to ensure flawless results that last.

Benefits of Crowns

Installing crowns is a great restorative procedure for anyone with damaged or recently repaired teeth. Benefits abound, but understandably, the price can seem prohibitive. However, our patients continually confirm that the positive physical and psychological effects of a dental crown are long-lasting and well worth the treatment price.

Insurance policies from nearly all major providers include some covered portions for dental crown installations. Still, we do our best to work with our patients and lighten the financial burden. If you’re wondering if you need a dental crown, why not contact our dentists for a consultation? 

A dental crown will serve seven essential functions as follows:

  • Improve the structural integrity of weakened teeth for biting, gnawing, and chewing
  • Protect various parts of a cracked tooth (dentin, enamel, and pulp chambers)
  • Fix a broken or worn-down tooth 
  • Restore a tooth’s original shape so nearby teeth don’t cause imbalances while chewing
  • Hold bridges in place
  • Conceal discolored or intrinsically stained teeth for greater confidence

A permanent crown will also cover a dental implant or root canal-treated tooth for greater protection and functionality.

Getting Dental Crowns in St. Louis Park

Many patients delay getting any type of crown and instead opt for a cheaper filling. However, our team will recommend a dental crown for the following issues:

  • Decaying tooth that is beginning to affect neighboring teeth
  • Chipped, cracked, and broken teeth
  • Fillings that are so large or old they fall out of place

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