St Louis Park and Bloomington Oral Cancer Screening

Could oral cancer screening save lives? According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, oral cancer is still the second leading cause of death for Americans. Though there have been significant advances in scientific research and treatment, the number of deaths oral cancer causes continues to increase. 

The foundation also reports a five-year survival rate after an oral cancer diagnosis at 50%, even with treatment. So, yes, screenings seem like an obvious choice for anyone who wants to be proactive about their health. Like other cancers, oral cancers are more likely to be fatal if only detected in the late stages, so why not try and get ahead?

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Signs of cancer in the mouth include the following:

  • White or reddish patches in the mouth
  • Lumps in the mouth or throat
  • Sores that don’t heal
  • Loose teeth
  • Mouth or ear pain
  • Pain when swallowing

Though these are the most common signs, don’t hesitate to call Krengel Dental if you have some concerns or questions regarding oropharyngeal cancer. We are always happy to put your mind at ease with preventative screening options and professional advice.

Oral Cancer Screening Process

We recommend that adults over 20 have a screening every three years and those over 40 once a year. Though men are slightly more likely to get oral cancer than women, both sexes should invest in regular examinations to catch the disease early on. However, you don’t need a separate appointment for oral cancer screenings, as we can perform this examination at the office during your routine cleaning appointment. 

When checking for cancer, our dentists follow standard procedures practiced throughout the United States, information that’s freely available on popular medical sites. These examinations include a tissue inspection inside your oral cavity to check for abnormalities. Our dentists will also feel around your mouth and throat (with gloves) for lumps and other growths, like rough patches. 

Finally, we will check the position of your teeth. Movement sometimes indicates a lump starting to form. If we notice something concerning, we will perform further testing with special lights and dyes to check for cancer so that we can tell you more.

Causes and Prevention of Oral Cancers

  • Chewing tobacco products put people at a higher risk of developing oral cancer. However, the risk factors for oral cancer drastically increase with the use of any tobacco products. 
  • If you are a smoker or binge drinker, this raises the risk of mouth and throat cancers.
  • The HPV virus is another cause. Why not speak to your primary medical care provider about a possible vaccination? 
  • Excessive exposure to sun and sunburns also show a link to these cancer risks.

Oral Cancer Screening in St. Louis Park, MN

At Krengel Dental, we want to help you catch oral cancer as early as possible. Though our dentists primarily deal with oral health, we care about every one of our patient’s overall well-being. So, call our St. Louis Park, MN location to schedule an oral cancer screening at (952) 926-2705 today!

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