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Have you heard of “All On Four?” Krengel Dental is the leading independent company providing cost-efficient All-On-Four treatment programs in St. Louis Park and surrounding areas. 

What is All-On-Four about? These treatments have been around since 1998.Portuguese dental researcher, Dr. Paulo Malo, theorized that strategically placing four implants in the jawbone could provide patients with adequate support for an entire arch of interdental or posterior implants.

These treatments apply in countless situations, including where a patient suffers extensive tooth loss from accidents, advanced age, or tooth decay.

How Do All-On-Four Treatments Work?

After thousands of tests and modifications, All-On-Four has become a widely accepted rehabilitative treatment. It is scientifically supported and patient-friendly.

The “Four” refers to how many dental implants support an entire set of lower and upper teeth. These implants function like anchors, allowing dentists to maintain and install arches more efficiently. That means our team will only have to work with four substructures in your gum line, and we won’t have to replace or repair each tooth separately.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our All-On-Four experts will assess the health of your jawbone for decayed tissues and structural problems.
  • After an X-ray or CT scan, we will create a small incision on your gum line. It takes twenty minutes and only requires local anesthesia.
  • We will give you a recovery schedule, allowing the gums to heal for several weeks.

On your second visit, we will place the four titanium dental posts. These posts will protrude from your gum line and hold an entire arch in place. This part of the procedure does not require anesthesia and takes less than half an hour.

Benefits of All-On-Four Treatments

All-On-Four dental implants can be costly, making people skeptical of their value. However, our St. Louis Park patients love them for three reasons:

  • All-On-Four implants are long-lasting. They offer patients a long-term solution to tooth loss with instruments that feel, look, and function like natural teeth.
  • All-On-Four implants are affordable. They are cheaper than a complete set of implants with individual screws.
  • All-On-Four implants are convenient. Clients do not have to endure multiple procedures to repair and restore a functional bite and improve their quality of life.

All-On-Four Dental Implants in St. Louis Park

Why do All-On-Four dental implants offer patients? 

  • It can correct long-term speech issues from a damaged bite. 
  • It can streamline the process of adapting to the thickness of new bridges. 
  • It can stop clenching, bruxism, and irregular chewing cycles from worn-out implants or removable dentures.

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