5 Tips for a Mouth-Healthy Holiday Season

5 Tips for a Mouth-Healthy Holiday Season

5 Tips for a Mouth-Healthy Holiday Season

No matter how much you might love coming into our office, we are pretty confident we’re not the people you want to be spending your holidays with. Here are five tips to keep your mouth healthy over the holiday season and avoid cavities. 

Pass on sticky treats

Many sweet treats during this time of year are harmful to your teeth. Sticky candies like taffy, caramel and more have the potential to cling to your tooth enamel and encourage tooth decay. In fact, some sticky candies can even rip out any fillings or crowns you may have in your mouth! We recommend steering clear of these treats to avoid a trip to the dentist. If you do feel like indulging in a few sticky treats, brush your teeth immediately after to avoid any damage to your tooth enamel.

Don’t crack nuts with your teeth

While nuts themselves are a great treat for teeth health, cracking their shells open with your teeth is a bad idea. Your safest bet is to crack the shells beforehand. 

Limit alcohol intake

‘Tis the season for egg nog, hot toddies, and much more. If you choose to drink this holiday season, that’s totally fine! Just be sure to also enjoy a glass of water alongside your drink of choice. This will help prevent dry mouth which can cause a build-up of bacteria and eventually, tooth decay. 

Watch out for starchy foods

While calories don’t count during the holiday season (don’t quote us on that), what you eat does matter to your teeth! Starchy foods like cakes, chips, etc., have  tendency to get stuck in-between your teeth where an ordinary toothbrush cannot reach. Protect your teeth by flossing daily to ensure there’s no leftover food particles stuck in your mouth.

Avoid chewing on hard candies

Just like shells on nuts, chewing on hard candies can chip and damage your teeth. If you’re enjoying a sweet treat or trying to finish up the ice in your drink, we recommend letting it dissolve naturally to avoid any unexpected trips to our office.