Why Drinking Water is Good for Your Gums and Teeth

Why Drinking Water is Good for Your Gums and Teeth

Why Drinking Water is Good for Your Gums and Teeth

At Krengel Dental we know how important hydration is to a healthy mouth. Along with flossing and brushing, drinking water is one of the best ways to prevent cavities and gum disease. You can stop plaque buildup and protect your teeth just by increasing your daily water consumption. Read on to learn more.

Helps Fight Dry Mouth 

Dry mouth can cause plaque buildup in your mouth because your body is not producing enough saliva. Saliva actually helps keep your mouth nice and clean as it washes away food debris and fights bacteria, similar to water. Plaque buildup can cause gum disease and tooth erosion, and saliva plays a part in attacking the acid that damages teeth. Drinking water helps your mouth stay hydrated and increases saliva production. 

Keeps Your Mouth Clean

Just like saliva, water can actually help wash away food debris and fight bacteria as well! Plaque has a hard time building up in a clean, well hydrated mouth. 

Restores Tooth Enamel 

Remineralization is a natural repair process for non-cavitated tooth lesions, in which minerals like fluoride are deposited and help restore your teeth. Drinking water containing trace minerals will help restore and strengthen your enamel. In fact, if you are able to drink your tap water, most tap water around the country has been fortified with trace minerals to protect and strengthen teeth. 

Drinking water has many benefits for your overall health, but especially your mouth and teeth! So go ahead and grab an extra glass today.